Elevator Finishes & Accessories

When we say Inclinator elevators are the most customizable in the world, we mean it! It's time to get creative with virtually endless options for every aspect of your elevator cab design. Get inspired from floor to ceiling and everything in between!

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elevator finishes


Customize your elevator walls with just about any wood species you can imagine. We offer the most popular hardwoods, along with premium exotic wood varieties. Most elevator cabs are finished in the factory, but we can leave them unfinished for on-site, custom finishing.

Floor Finishes

All of our elevators include a commercial-grade laminate floor with simulated wood grain finish of your choice. Unfinished flooring is also available to accommodate on-site flooring.


Our 100 cabs come with a standard white laminate ceiling. 200, 300 and 400 cab designs can be customized with your choice of white or wood grain ceiling to match the wood of the walls.


Dress up your cab design with decorative wood or round metal handrails in a variety of finishes.


Light up your elevator in style with LED lighting in one of two acrylic finishes. Elevators come standard with two lights, but feel free to add more to suit your needs or customize your elevator with a lighting accessory of your choice.

Cab Operating Panels

Choose from one of three finishes for your cab operating panel and hall station. Available in flush or raised styles.

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