Commercial Dumbwaiters - Provide Convenience & Safety

Tired of carrying heavy or bulky supplies or equipment up and down the stairs? Eliminate back strain and provide both safety and convenience for employees with a commercial dumbwaiter from Inclinator. Available in both floor-loading and counter-loading designs, our commercial dumbwaiters are the perfect fit for commercial kitchens, medical facilities, laboratories or even standard office buildings.

commercial dumbwaiter

Available in counter-loading or floor-loading models, our commercial dumbwaiters are the perfect companion in busy restaurant kitchens, hospital labs, medical facilities and even office buildings.

Key Benefits:

Customized for Your Needs
Available in sizes up to 36"x36"x48" and weight capacities up to 500 lbs., our dumbwaiters pack a lot of power into an attractive package that can be completely customized for your needs.

Streamline Your Workflow
Get more done, more efficiently, and avoid multiple trips for equipment or supplies. Your commercial dumbwaiter can handle lots of cargo in a single load. Plus, you'll reduce accidents and injuries and avoid Workers' Compensation claims.

Versatility and Flexibility Are Built In
Available with openings on 1, 2, or 3 sides, your new dumbwaiter offers the ultimate in versatility and flexibility, with up to 6 programmable stops and automatic controls on every level.

Hoistway Doors

Cab Gates

Commercial Dumbwaiter Specifications:

Available sizes up to 36" x 36" x 48"

Weight Capacity:

  • 200 lb.
  • 300 lb.
  • 500 lb.

Dumbwaiter Travel:

  • 200 lb. model can travel up to 27 ft.
  • 300 lb. and 500 lb. models can travel up to 47 ft.
  • Up to 6 stops

Automated controls from every level

  • Choose 1, 2, or 3 openings
  • Standard painted steel cab or optional stainless steel cab
  • Uses 220V electric

Ready to customize your commercial dumbwaiter?
Buy direct from Inclinator and receive expert installation throughout Philadelphia and southern New Jersey.