Preserve Your Independence with a Residential Elevator

You want to stay in your home as long as you can, preserve your independence and live life on your terms. If the stairs are becoming a challenge, an Inclinator home elevator could be just what you need to keep enjoying your home for years to come.

elderly man on wheelchair

Invest in the most reliable residential elevator in the industry, backed by nearly 100 years of American-made craftsmanship.

Inclinator was the first to bring residential elevator technology to American consumers in 1928. Since then, we've continued to craft each elevator individually, providing maximum flexibility, customization and safety to homeowners across the country.

But an Inclinator elevator won't just make it easier to access your home for years to come. It also serves as a beautiful addition that adds flexibility and value for future buyers. Imagine selling your home years from now to a much wider market of buyers who appreciate the elegance, convenience and safety of their own home elevator.

Invest in the beauty and reliability of Inclinator's Elevette® home elevator system.

Experience your future your way - with the freedom and mobility to live your best life!

Homeowners love the stylish appearance and reliability of our elevators.

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Architects love the flexibility to integrate our designs into any home environment.

Building Your Elevator

Inclinator offers elevator options for both existing homes and new construction. In fact, our elevators are designed to fit in small or even unique spaces, since they only require the space typically found in a standard closet. Despite the small footprint, though, you'll find that our elevators still offer plenty of width and depth without increasing the size of the elevator shaft.

Want to know more? Our experts are always on hand to answer your questions and help you design and build the perfect elevator for your home. Homeowners throughout Philadelphia and southern New Jersey get complete installation and service direct from Inclinator, the number one elevator manufacturer in the USA.

Design the elevator that's best for you in only 3 steps!


Step 1 - Select Your Cab Style:

Inclinator's Elevette® residential elevators begin with five standard cab styles. However, we welcome customization! Choose a cab style below as a starting point, then customize it to your unique needs.

cab style 500

500 Cab

The elevator with a view, our 500 cab features clear acrylic panels surrounded by a sleek, modern aluminum frame.

cab style 400

400 Cab

Experience the beauty of hardwood in our 400 series cab, that features raised or recessed panels for added style.

cab style 300

300 Cab

Less formal than our 400 cab, the 300 cab features smooth hardwood veneered walls, paired with decorative moldings.

cab style 200

200 Cab

A budget-friendly wood option, our 200 cab features smooth hardwood veneer without extra panels or decorative touches.

cab style 100

100 Cab

The picture of simplicity, our 100 cab features smooth, white walls that can be painted to match any color in your home.

Step 2 - Select Your Drive System:

The drive system for your elevator moves the cab between the floors in your home. We offer 3 drive systems that are compatible with all of our cab styles.

Step 3 - Select Your Gates & Doors

The gates and doors you choose will depend on how you will use your elevator in your home. You can enter your elevator from a single door or configure it with openings on one or two sides. We offer 18 different cab configurations, far more than any of our competitors.

gate styles

Make Your Elevator Feel Right At Home

With nearly endless options for floors, walls, handrails, lighting, ceilings, gates and operating panels, we give you the freedom to make your elevator a true part of your home.